2020 Institute: Overview

The 2020 summer institute will focus on the creation and publication of scholarship connected to mass incarceration and the humanities. Faculty fellows will propose an academic, creative, or pedagogical research project that will be developed, workshopped, and submitted for presentation and/or publication. Through the spring semester and in the run up to institute fellows will share drafts of their works-in-progress, leading to the summer institute where experts in the field will join our conversations around publishing and the dissemination of our work.


John Chaney (Social Science, Criminal Justice)
Bijoyeta Das (English, Journalism)
Cory Feldman (Social Science, Criminal Justice)
Bethany Holmstrom (English, Creative Writing)
Rochell Issac (English)
Jill Kehoe (Social Science, Criminal Justice)
Karen Miller (Social Science, History)
Diana Rickard (Social Science, Criminal Justice, BMCC)
Chris Schmidt (English)
Joni Schwartz (Humanities, Communications)
Jennifer Wynn (Social Science, Criminal Justice)

Contact: Shannon Proctor sproctor@lagcc.cuny.edu or Naomi Stubbs nstubbs@lagcc.cuny.edu