2019 Institute: Overview

The 2019 summer institute focused on how the humanities can contribute to the study of mass incarceration through classroom, co-curricular, and college-wide initiatives. Faculty fellows engaged with CUNY projects and humanities scholarship on mass incarceration, and identified how to better integrate liberal arts into these efforts. Following this, fellows developed assignments, activities, or campus events to put this knowledge into practice.

Prior to our week-long institute in June, participants met in April for an introductory session and to propose a topic that would serve as the foundation for their work throughout the institute. In May, the fellows shared an abstract and work plan of their project on our blog. These projects were refined throughout the institute’s workshops and in conversation with several speakers whose scholarship and community work addressed the role of education in responding to the problems of incarceration. The work of the institute culminated in a showcase and will be followed by an opening sessions presentation.


John Chaney (Social Science, Criminal Justice)
Martina Clark (College Now)
Maureen Doyle (Health Sciences, Human Services)
Jill Kehoe (Social Science, Criminal Justice)
Leah Richards (English)
Joni Schwartz (Humanities, Communications)
Anna Voissard (English)

Contact: Shannon Proctor sproctor@lagcc.cuny.edu or Naomi Stubbs nstubbs@lagcc.cuny.edu